MBBS Athletic Meet 2017 Held Successfully

        On 6th and 7th May, MBBS Athletic Meet 2017 was successfully held by 3rd Overseas Student Branch of Medical College Student Union (3rd OSB-MCSU) in the stadiums of Xiang’an Campus. Counselors of Medical College, Kathy Cheng and Andy Xue, and MBBS teachers Dr. Sachin, Rahman, Maxwell were all present for this event.

This athletic meet attracted many students from 2013 batch to 2016 batch covering activities like 100m, 200m and 400m sprint, distance medley relay 4x100, shot put and long jump in the 6th afternoon as preliminary match and 7th morning as final.  

400-meter relay was the most exciting part of this athletic meet which aroused the cheers of everyone. At the final whistle, the athletes sprang and ran like an arrow, trying to give the baton to the next team mate.


(boys’ 4x100 relay)


(girls’ 4x100 relay)


(boys’ long jump)


(girls’ long jump)


MBBS Athletic Meet 2017,held mainly by sports department, is one of the activities of Foreign Talent Pyrexia organized by overseas student union. This general work plan is made by 3rd union members, and different activities from different departments of 3rd overseas student union, such as MCQ Quiz Test and seminars held on a weekly basis by Academic Department, Pixels Photography Contest by Publicity Department, Dorm Decoration Competition by Public Charity, Fun Games by Psychological Health department, Talent Hunt Show by Entertainment Department and so on. MBBS students and union members are showing true sportsmanship and leadership in this sunny May!

(Xue Wenjuan, Medical College

Publicity Department of 3rd OSB-MCSU)