Foreign Talent Pyrexia Came to End Successfully

On 28th May afternoon, Foreign talent pyrexia was held successfully by 3rd Overseas Student Union of Medical College in room B207 of student activity center with more than 200 overseas students including union members and MBBS teachers.

For the smooth running of this activity, union members booked the venuefor 2 days and practiced rehearsal in advance. On 28th, students came to the spot and did all the decoration in the center. The three hosts, Arunima, Samarth and Kartick ignited the audience with their wonderful quips at the start.

This activity is rich with violin, piano, yoga, group dance, cube and so on.

AKS, the music talent, played the violin beautifully which enchanted all the audience.

The group dance by 4 girls from 2016 batch presented a unique exotic charm and grace and won rounds of warm applauds. Soon followed the dance was a piano show by MEHETAJ.

               PALASH from 13 batch, showed the art of human body with his yoga.

               A student from Overseas Education College, played the flute with a traditional Chinese song, Liangzhu.

               Magic Cube.

              The Robot and the moonwalk.

              Thai Instrument .

The activity lasted till 4:30pm. Union members cleaned the venue before they left.