James C. Cross, academician of the Royal Society of Canada, visited Medical College and made the report

On the afternoon of May 10th, Dr.James C. Cross, the academician of the Royal Canadian Society and theFaculty of Medicine in the University of Calgary, and Hongmei Wang, the director of the State Key Laboratory of StemCell and Reproductive Biology, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited our collegeat the invitation of Dr.Haibin Wang, the director ofFujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Reproductive Health Research, Medical College of Xiamen University. Dr. Crossmade a wonderful report entitled “Placenta: the Past, Present and Future”. 

In this report, he systematically introduced the related knowledge of mice and human placenta,including why studying the placenta, the structures and functions of placenta and the adaptive mechanismsof placental development. In addition to that, he provided some prospects in the field of placental research. During the discussion of the report, the students came up with lots of questions. For the students, Dr. Crosswas patient and careful, and actively guided theirresearch interests, emphasizing the importance of divergent thinking. He left a deep impression on the participants with the enlightening report which was well received bythem.

Dr. Cross is a pioneer in developmental and reproductive biology for advancing our understanding of the development and functions of the placenta in humans and animals at a molecular level, as well as the importance for health of the baby and mother during pregnancy. He has contributedmore than 100 papers in the leading journals, such as Cell, Nature, Science, Nat Genet, J Clin Invest, PLoS Biology, and so on. His report broadened our horizons and minds, and providedus with good guidance for the scientific research in the field of reproductive medicine and benefited both the teachers and students in our college. There is no doubt that this report promoted our exchanges and cooperation with the international top scientists and opened a new avenue for our college to the world.

(Jianqi Wang, HailiBao and Zhangli Ni)