MBBS 3rd Union Election Ceremony

The 3rd Union election ceremony was held in Nursing Building, room 104, Medical College. Wang Jizhou, the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, Andy Xue, counsellor of MBBS office, Overseas Liaison Department of Medical College, candidates for 3rd Student Union and student representatives all attended the ceremony. Wang Jizhou chaired this ceremony throughout. 

The overseas student union is composed of 9 parts, namely, presidium, entertainment, academics, comprehensive services, sports, life and discipline, psychological health, publicity and public charity. There were 16 students chosen by MBBS teachers running for the 3rd Student Union spanning from 13 to 16 batch, and each candidate presented their work plans for different departments one by one. NEHA, candidate for Life&Discipline department tried to provide a dorm regulation to maintain hygiene and cleanness; RAMSHA suggested to set up Yoga, football and basketball teams in sports department; HARDIK, running for the head of academic department, came up with the suggestion of setting up grouping studies for students to catch up in their academic performance.

The passionate speeches aroused cheers and applauds among the representatives. After the voting of the student representatives, 11 students are elected as union committee members. 

(Medical College, Xue Wenjuan)