Medical College Celebrated Grandly the 20th Anniversary

On Oct 29th, Medical College celebrated the 20th anniversary in Jiannan Hall. Ruan Shiwei, Deputy Director of Fujian Health and Family Planning Commission, Lu Jiang, Deputy Mayor of Xiamen city, Chen Guoqiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Yun, former dean of Medical College of Xiamen University, Lin Yanling, Melbourne Medical School - University of Melbourne, Dean of Medical College of Singapore, first dean of Medical College of Xiamen Univeristy, Jin Zheng, former present of Harbin Medical University and former present counselor of Xiamen University, Zhang Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen University, Zhu Chongshi, President of Xiamen University, Han Jiahuai, vice President of Xiamen University and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhao Yufen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Zuguo, member of the Party Committee and Dean of Medical College, Lin Zugeng, former President of Xiamen University, and Pan Shimo, former vice President of Xiamen University present the celebration ceremony. 

Zhu Chongshi, President of Xiamen University, expressed warm congratulations on 20th anniversary of Medical College and extended sincere gratitude to friends of all walks of life who supported medical college and development of medical discipline in the long term. He mentioned that at the beginning of establishment of the university, the founder of university treated medical discipline as one of the important disciplines that benefit the university development. During the time when Lin Wenqing, the renowned medical expert, was president, he devoted himself to developing medical discipline of Xiamen University. But, it could not come true because of various reasons. However, all the faculty and student did not give up the medical dream. Until 1996, with the support of the State Education Commission, Ministry of Health, Provincial Party Committee, Provincial government, especially the help of Hong Yongshi, Mayor of Xiamen University and Lin Zugeng, then President of Xiamen University, and the finical support of Li Shangda and Li Wenzheng, Medical College of Xiamen University was founded officially. In the past 20 years, Medical College of Xiamen University has been growing out of nothing and developing gradually and strongly, with 8 affiliated hospitals. Since start using Xiang’an Campus, the conditions of running the college has been ameliorated greatly. 

In the past 20 years, all the faculty and students of Medical College has forged ahead with determination and innovation, and devoted herself to the reform of medical education as well as the optimization of talent cultivation.

Liu Zuguo reviewed the 20 years’ development and achievements, and extended the gratitude to the government of all levels, all walks of life and the university for their support and help. He said that the best way of expressing gratitude of medical college is to strive to build a high-level, distinctive, research-oriented medical college, to hold the mission, take the responsibility, and serve the country and society. All the faculty and students must continue to keep the spirit of arduous struggle make joint efforts to explore a new path to cultivate innovative medical talents, and stride forward with a view of building world-class medical college. 

On behalf of Provincial health development planning commission, Ruan Shiwei expressed warm congratulations on 20th anniversary of medical college, and fully affirmed the achievements in teaching, research and social service by medical college and the affiliated hospitals. Meanwhile, he expected the college to explore new model of high-level talent training, improve medical service and ability of research. 

On behalf of related universities, Chen Guoqiang conveyed best wishes to the college. He mentioned that Medical College of Xiamen University is brand-new every day, and present impressive achievements every year. He believes that Medical College makes progress firmly and makes great contributions to medical development. 

Tang Yaling, representative of college alumni and the “National Labor Medal”  winner, Zhang Yunwu, teacher representative, Liu Zhaolin, the student representative, all expressed their gratitude to Medical College and wished the prosperity of Medical College.

This conference held award distribution ceremony at the same time. Hong Yongshi, the then municipal party secretary of Xiamen, Lin Zugeng, the then president of Xiamen University; Lin Yanling, the first dean of Medical College, Zhang Yun, the second dean of Medical College; Jin Zheng, president consultant, Chen Hongduo, director of the First Academic Council of Medical College, all awarded with the “Extraordinary Contribution Prize” in the 20th Anniversary. Pan Shimo, Yang Jingda, Wang Bin, Qian Hongliu, Tao Huiran, Xu Hongyi, Wang Jiaxun, Li Zhijing, Huang Peiyu etc. are awarded “Extraordinary Delication Prize”. 

Specialty Committee of Tongue Research of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, constructed by Medical College, was officially founded in this conference. Xiamen Cardivascular Hospital of Xiamen University was inaugurated and became the affiliated hospital of Xiamen University.

Shao Pengfei, Secretary of party committee of Medical College, chaired this conference. Officials from related departments of Xiamen City, leaders from medical colleges, donation parties, Xiamen University and affiliated hospitals, teachers, students and medical workers all attended this conference. The 20th anniversary was composed of a series of activities, for example, founding conference of Specialty Committee of Tongue Research of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies & Tongue Manification Research Branch of Chinese Medicine Institution of Chinese Medicine Societies, Dean Forum on Medical Education, “Open Day” of Medical College, Entrepreneurship &Innovation Forum etc.

On October 11th 1996, the State Education Committee of China approved the construction of the Medical College of Xiamen University. Its establishment marks the birth of the higher medical education in the southwest of Fujian Province.

Two decades have seen the development of Medical College which till now it has become a comprehensive medical college with 52 teaching & research units, 8 affiliated hospitals, 1 state level medical virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 6 national clinical key specialists, 1 state-level practice center for university students, 11 platforms of medical technology of state and provincial levels. Medical College was funded in more than 300 projects, such as “Project 863”, “Project 973”, main projects of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) . From 2012 onwards, Medical College has accumulated 135 million science research funds from state and provincial levels and won more than 30 national and provincial scientific awards. Starting from 2012, the clinical medicine of Medical College ranks among the top 1% in ESI worldwide.