Mr. Sanjeev Kumar from India’s Consulate in Guangzhou Visited Medical College

In the morning of 16th February, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar from India’s Consulate in Guangzhou visited Medical College. There are around 380 Indian students studying MBBS program in this college.

Qi Zhongquan, the vice dean, Ma Long, the vice secretary of party committee, received the guests in Chengyi Building, Room 514, along with the teaching secretary Candice Mao and the councellor Andy Xue. Vice dean gave a brief introduction of Medical College and the life and study status of MBBS students. The consul interchanged the views with Dean Qi on the enrollment, curriculum, MCI exams, Sino-Indian cultural communications and gave some insights to MBBS program in the hope that more qualified doctors can be cultivated in future.

In this meeting, 11 Indian students of different batches studying MBBS communicated with the consul. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar inquired their life and studies in this campus and encouraged them to make full use of the resources and enrich the study life as a medical student.

The consul also visited Medical College and the South India Canteen near dormitories and had lunch there. During the break, Dean Qi and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar continued to discuss about MBBS management and hope to keep close contact with each other so as to improve the MBBS program in Medical College.

Medical College, Xue Wenjuan

2017, Feb. 18th