MBBS Freshmen Took Part in 2016 iStart Outdoor Activities


MBBS freshmen are encouraged to take part in interesting and meaningful activities held by university so as to enrich their campus life. On 12 November, some freshmen joined 2016 iStart Outdoor Activities in Changtai, Zhangzhou. iStart Outdoor Activities were organized by Overseas Affairs Office. MBBS freshmen along with 40 other freshmen from 14 countries attended this activity.

Through many activities like ice breaking and team building, super computer, fun relay, height challenge and human sofa, MBBS freshmen not only gained a lot of fun but also learned how to solve problems under special circumstances. The activities are beneficial in freshmens communication skills and teamwork building. Moreover, those activities helped MBBS students to foster optimistic attitudes and strong wills in the coming six years of study.