The Opening Ceremony of 2016 MBBS Students

The opening ceremony of 2016 MBBS students was held in the afternoon of 10th November in Nursing Building, Room 104.

Prof. Qi Zhongquan, vice dean of Medical College, Ma Long, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Prof. Ma Yonghui, foreign teachers, coordinators and Union members all attended this ceremony with Cheng Fen, the coordinator as the hostess.

Cheng Fen first expressed her sincere welcome to the new MBBS students and the guests present, then Ma Long gave a speech, he welcomed new students and hoped that they could study hard while at the same time blend themselves to Medical College.

Dr. Bipin, the teacher representative expressed his wish that students could make full use of the library resources and enrich their six years in Xiamen University. Dr. Ma Yonghui wished that new students could find an aim as soon as possible and live a wonderful life in this beautiful campus. Afterwards, the student representatives all shared their feelings and expectations with new students. Then Dr. David led the new students to read the medical oath “health related, life entrusted...”. After the oath, teachers issued Etiquette Guide for Medical Students and MBBS Student Manual to new students. At last, Qi Zhongquan,vice dean of Medical College concluded this ceremony with a closing speech.

(Medical College, Xue Wenjuan)