Department of Basic Medical Sciences

Department of Basic Medical Sciences


General Introduction

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences is a major Department in Medical College of Xiamen University, and it was formally established in the Medical College in 2004. The Department of Basic Medical Sciences consists of course group, research group and undergraduate experimental center. There are following 12 course groups: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Cytology, Genetic Medicine, Pathology, Immunology, Human Anatomy, Histoembryology, Pathogen Biology, Eergology and Pharmacology. Additionally, the department has 6 research groups/laboratories: Research Laboratory on Pharmacology, Research Laboratory on Cellular Biology and Genetics, Research Laboratory on Tumor Immunology, Research Laboratory on Pathology, Research Laboratory on Physiology, Research Laboratory on Epigenetics; 1 national virtual experimental center; 1 key laboratory of the Fujian Province and The Key experimental Center for Basic Medicine. 

Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the department currently has 11 full professors, 18 associate professors, and 12 assistant professors. There are 25 staff technicians in the department. Great effort has been made to open the channels of recruitment for talented scientists and researchers. Since 2010, the Department has recruited 15 high-level faculty members. Meanwhile, great progress has been made in the cultivation of the junior faculty, including opportunities of overseas exchange and training. Sixteen faculty members have been abroad as visiting scholars since 2010.


To nurture the students to be cooperative and competitive medical talents who possess leading temperament, international view, humanistic mentality and research capacity, the department offers basic medical courses to the majors in clinical medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicine and nursing. For the majors in clinical medicine, there are five-year schooling and ten-year schooling, respectively.

The department has the following teaching programs: Anatomy (the Systemic Anatomy and Local Anatomy), Histology and Embryology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Medical Microbiology, Medical Immunology, Human Parasitology, Pathophysiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Medical Psychology, and Medical Genetics. These programs provide the students with basic knowledge of structures and functions of the human body, the pathogenesis and development of diseases, the basic techniques for diagnosis and treatment of the human diseases.

Taking the comprehensive advantage of Xiamen University, the department adopts the progressive paradigm of all-round courses, arts and science courses and major-related courses. Firstly, the undergraduates take the all-round course on humanities and social sciences, the basic theories of natural sciences. Secondly, they move on to anatomy, histoloembryology, cytology, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, pathophysiology, immunology, microbiology and parasitology before they are engaged in practice training. In doing so, they are built to have a foundation for clinical practice and scientific research. After that, the advanced students are engaged in major-related studies and practices. Those who major in clinical medicine are supposed to take the courses of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, etc, which are accompanied by clinical practice in the teaching hospitals. At the end of the medical education, the students will realize that the medical science is a broad, deep, and rapidly changing discipline. The mastery of medical knowledge and technical skills requires lifelong self-education.


To train graduates to be researchers possessing research capacity, honesty and integrity, a good mastery of basic medical sciences, a keen awareness of innovation, the department confers Master of Science in 8 disciplines of microbiology, physiology, pathogenic biology, immunology, human anatomy and histoembryology, pathology and pathophysiology, neurobiology, and pharmacology. The graduate degree courses are composed of general courses, fundamental courses, and major-related compulsory and selective courses. The general ones are offered at the scale of Xiamen University; the fundamental ones are set based on the first-level disciplines of biology, pharmacy or basic medical sciences; the major-related ones are arranged according to the requirements of the first-level disciplines; and major-related selective ones are established in the direction of research. A diploma is conferred on those who have completed the required course credits, with a pass in a thesis defense.


From 2011 to 2016, our faculty members undertook a total of 65 research projects funded by various sources. 39 grants were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and 26 grants were supported by Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province. These projects cover major aspects of the health sciences, such as cancer, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, immunological disorders, and infectious disease.

All scientific projects have been well managed with timely submission of annual progress reports and final reports. Project evaluation, inspection and auditing have all been in line with academic requirements and administrative regulations. The majority of these projects has closely followed the latest trends in the field and has targeted the frontiers of biological and medical sciences. The work has driven the progress of these projects, which have resulted in publication of many high quality papers and/or patent applications. Our faculty members published 116 papers in 2011-1016 in SCI-listed journals as first and/or corresponding author. The highest impact factor (IF) of these papers was 10.401. The number of JCR 1 region and 2 region paper are 8 and 25 respectively. An additional 26 papers were published in key Chinese journals. Our faculty members also have served as reviewers for international scientific journals.

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