The MBBS Student Status Management Regulations of Medical College of Xiamen University

Chapter I General Principles

1.In order to meet the needs of reform and development of higher education in China, standardize MBBS students enrollment management, promote their personality development, according to the actual situation, Medical College publishes this management regulations based on the Foreign Students Regulations in Colleges and the Undergraduates Enrollment Management Regulations in Xiamen University

2.All the MBBS students in Medical College should obey these regulations.

Chapter II Admission and Registration

3.New students should finish the enrollment procedure at the college during the designated registration periods with the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Foreigners (JW201 or JW202 form). Those who have to arrive late should give proper reasons and go through formalities. Students who do not register within one month after registration dates will be denied admission.

4.Medical College will review the qualification of freshmen after three months. Qualifiers can register and obtain student status. College will deal with those who fail to review based on their different situations. Anyone who cheats in the admission cannot obtain student status and will be inquired by police if necessary. 

5.When registering, all overseas students must submit the original copies of “Foreigner’s Medical Examination Report” and examination reports for chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, ultrasonic B and the Blood Analysis Report for AIDS, Syphilis, hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis C antibody issued by the quarantine agencies of P.R.C. Foreigners cannot apply for their Residence Permit without the approved health certificate given by the Xiamen Quarantine Bureau. Those who do not have such a certificate, or do not go through all items on the certificate must undergo a further medical examination at the local quarantine station and pay the relevant examination fees at their own expenses. As a rule, new students will be organized by the college within one week after registration to go to Xiamen Quarantine Bureau for their health certificate approval or physical examination. Students who are proved by the medical examination to have psychosis, epilepsy, leprosy and other infectious diseases, such as AIDS, venereal diseases, or TB must return immediately to their home countries.

6.Any freshman who has diseases can keep the admission qualification for one year for medical treatment after college permission, but they cannot obtain student status and have no students’ right. After being diagnosed be hospitals designated by college and being qualified for the body check, students can apply for admission with the permission from our college. Anyone who fails to the review or delays admission cannot enroll in Medical College. 

7.Students should pay all the registration and tuition fees stipulated by the university at once. Students will not be allowed to register until their fees are paid. Under special circumstances, college may give permission for late payment upon application made by students. However, the final deadline is one month after the opening of the semester. A 5% of tuition fee will be charged for late payment.

8.In every semester, students must come to the college in the specified date to register in order to obtain the learning qualification. Registration cannot be done by others. If someone cannot register in time, he should report to college. Those who doesn’t pay tuition fees or is not qualified for the enrollment regulations cannot register.

Chapter III School System

9.The standard school system is six years for MBBS students.

10.Students can complete their studies in stages. Students are allowed to graduate a year in advance or 1-2 years later (including the time for suspension and retention), but the whole year in college shall not exceed 8 years.

Chapter IV Attendance and Discipline

11.Students should take part in all teaching activities arranged by college and obey all disciplines. Every teacher should have attendance record and report to college in time.

12.Students should conscientiously observe the academic discipline of the university. They should attend classes on time, should not be absent, or leave early. Requests for leave because of illness or business should be approved by teachers and counselors. Students ask for a leave must fill out application form and attach with relevant certificate (sick leave must be accompanied by more than two first-class hospital or a medical certificate). Take a day or less (including the day, the same below) shall be subject to the approval of the teacher or counselor; take a day or more within three days shall subject to review teacher or counselor, deputy director of the Department for approval and filing at the undergraduate teaching unit; ask for more than three days shall be approved by teacher or counselor, deputy director of the audit department and college vice president in charge, which will be kept the record in undergraduate teaching unit. Above all, the student will submit a copy to the teacher of that lesson. After sick leave days students should go to college to cancel the sick leave, if you do not cancel then it will be considered as absences. Sick leave and absences of the semester accumulate more than 1/3 of the total hours of this semester are required to apply for leave of absence procedures.

13.Those who fail to attend class (including lab and hospital practice) without asking for leave will be recorded as truant. Each time that he/she comes late or leaves early equals 1/3 class hour of truant and will be accumulated. Those with attendance rate lower than 70% are not qualified to take part in the final examination. Besides, the attendance rate accounts 10% of the final evaluation with the rest 90% by the marks of the final examination.

14.Asking for leave to travel during semester study periods is forbidden. Those who travel on the weekends should arrange their schedule properly to avoid any interference with their study.

15.Students study according to the university calendar. Requests for leave during regular semester periods will be considered under special circumstances such as for festival celebrations of their home countries.

16.Those who cheat in exams, ask someone to take part in exams for themselves, or take part in exams for other cannot have scores and will get punishment if necessary.

17.All students are required to take part in all periodic examinations arranged by their colleges or departments according to the teaching plan. Students cannot ask for examinations-in-advance or make-up examinations. If he/she has to leave the school without the final exam, the teacher will grade him/her on base of the mid-term exam and his/her attendance.

Chapter V Courses 

18.Students should have classes in accordance with the teaching plan. According to the regulations of Medical College, under the guidance of teachers, students select classes. Students must pass the courses they already have, and then continue to select follow-up courses. With permission of the college, students having good learning can select some follow-up courses in advance, and some students with learning difficulties can suspend some courses. Anyone who doesn’t finish the selecting procedures cannot get marks and credits.

19.Students who fail exams must take part in supplementary exams, and pay some fees. Students who don’t take part in exams on time should have a supplementary exam. If someone has some right reasons, he can apply to the college to take part in the next exam. If the absence of one course is more than 30%, students must take part in the supplementary exam. 

Chapter VI Examination and Marks

20.Students should take part in all exams arranged by the college. All marks will be recorded on students’ registration cards. Failing scores will also be recorded, but after supplementary exams, new scores can be recorded to replace the failing one. There are two registration cards, one for students themselves, one for college. 

21.The ways of exams is based on the characteristics of courses, including written (close-book or open-book), oral, written and oral exams, generally made by teachers, approved by faculty.

22.All courses’ grades apply hundred mark system or four-level system (excellent, good, pass, fail), including final scores (generally 60-70% of the grade), routine test scores (30-40%), and attendance (10%). (excellent=85-100=A; good=70-84=B; pass=60-69=C; fail=less than 60=F). Some subjects can apply two-level system (pass or fail), but must be marked as two -level in the score.

23.Students who break the regulations of exams or cheat in exams have no score and will be punished according to The Exams Disciples of Xiamen University.

24.If students cannot participate in teaching activities, they should ask for leave in advance and get permission from teachers and counselors. Anyone who is absent for teaching activities without asking for leaving should be educated and punished. 

Chapter VII Suspension and Re-enrollment

25.Students should be suspended under these following conditions:

(A) diagnosed by hospitals designated by the college. The rest time is more than one third of total study hours;

(B) within one semester, absence time reaches one third of total study hours;

(C) some special reason.

26.Students applying for suspension should fill in the application form, give it to counselor with relevant proof, and get approved by the college.

27.The suspension time is generally one year. Approved by the college, students can suspend for two years, but may not exceed two years. Those who leave school without suspension procedure shall be considered as withdrawn.

28.Students who suspend from school cannot apply for scholarship and should pay medical expenses themselves.

29.For some special difficulties and other reasons, after application and permission, students can retain their student status for one year. After one year, students who do not apply for reinstatement shall be deemed to have withdrawn. Those who retain their student status cannot enjoy the right of students in campus.

30.The procedure of re-enrollment: 

(A) After the deadline of suspension, students should fill in the re-enrollment form before the new semester and give it to counselors with related certificates. Approved by the college and academic department, students can re-enroll. Students who suspend for sickness should go to hospital appointed by the college for body check, if being cured, they can re-enroll. 

(B) The college will review the qualification of students who suspend. If someone breaks laws when retaining student status, he has no right to re-enroll.

Chapter VIII Expulsion from school

31.Students should be expelled from school under these following circumstances.

(A)He does not meet the academic requirements of the college. 

(B)After suspension, he does not apply to re-enroll within the given time or be not qualified for the re-enrollment.

(C)Diagnosed by the hospital designated by the college, he is unable to study in campus.

(D)Someone leave school for more than two weeks without asking for leave.

(E)Someone doesn’t register in time without proper reasons.           

(F)Someone breaks the regulations of the college and the university seriously. 

(G)Someone asks for dropout.

The college will make a notice with related evidence for students who are expelled from school for reason A-F. Students who ask for dropout by themselves should fill in the dropout form and get permission from the college. 

32.The MBBS management department is responsible for all expulsion affairs. 

33.The college shall issue a written decision on expulsion.

34.The college will sent expulsion decisions to students. If the students refuse to sign, the college will invite more than 2 teachers or students to be witnesses to deliver the decision to the students or their home.If the college has problems in delivering the expulsion decision, the college will issue an expulsion notice in the bulletin board and after 15 days, it is deemed to be delivered.The expulsion decision takes effect when it is delivered. 

35.If someone disagrees with the expulsion decision, he can appeal in written form to the college within the 5 days after deliver date. How to deal with the students’ appeal is in accordance with The Method of Students Appeals in Xiamen University.

36. The drop-outs should finish the dropout procedure. The students’ files will be returned to their families. The college is not responsible for the delay of expulsion procedure.

Chapter IX Award and Punishment

37.The college will give some award and scholarship to the students who have good performance in study, sports, entertainment activities, social work and social volunteers. 

38.The college publishes The Appraisal Methods of MBBS Excellent Students Scholarship of Medical College. 

39.The college will educate and punish the students who break the regulations of the university and our college. 

40.The punishment ways include: warning, serious warning, disciplinary probation and expulsion from school.

41.If someone disagrees with the punishment decision, he can appeal in written form to the college within the 5 days after deliver date. How to deal with the students’ appeal is in accordance with The Method of Students Appeals in Xiamen University. The punishment still takes effect during the appeal time.

42.The college will issue a study certificate for students who are expelled. 

43.All the award and punishment evidences have two copies, one kept in the college, one in the students’ files.

Chapter X Graduation, Completion and Incompletion

44.Students should pass all the subjects and get all credits in 8 year according to the teaching plan, and then they can graduate and get the graduation certificate. Those who are qualified will obtain the bachelor degree.

45.Students who get all credits in advance can apply for graduation ahead of time. After the check and permission from the college, they can graduate. Those who graduate in advance have the same rights as others.

46.During the longest school system time, students will get the completion certificates when they get 90% credits as planned. Students can apply for supplementary exams or retaking courses at their own expenses within one year after graduation. When getting the credits, students can get the graduation certificate. The graduation time is the certificates deliver time. Those who are qualified will obtain the bachelor degree.

47.The dropouts or the students who cannot get the 90% credits in the longest school system time can only get the incompletion certificates. Besides, they cannot change for graduation or completion certificates.

48.Those who break the national rules of enrollment cannot get the graduation and bachelor certificates. The certificates issued in the past are considered as invalid.

49.If someone losses or damages certificates, he can apply for a new one with the same effect to the college. Chapter XI Supplementary Provisions

50.All the “less than” and “more than” in this method include the number mentioned.

51.These regulations shall be interpreted by the Medical College.

52.From the date of promulgation, this regulation takes effect.