OTI has been approved for construction as Provincial Key Laboratory

Under the solid support from the School of Medicine Xiamen University, OTI has been officially approved to become the Provincial key laboratory in December 2015.

The new Key Laboratory of Organ & Tissue Regeneration, Fujian Province (OTR) is a combination of Organ Transplant Institute, Stem Cell Research Center, School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University research teams. OTR integrates of basic and clinical research teams in multi-disciplinary cooperation, to establish organ and tissue regeneration research platform. The main research direction is to target the regenerative medicine in both organ and tissue aspects, and ultimately solving the organ shortage problem. Additionally, we are aiming to attract and build an elite team consisting of both basic and clinical practices talents, setting up one of the open platform in Fujian Province for production, learning and research.

(24th December 2015)