Latest research paper from OTI has published on Cell Discovery

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)can be extracted from the donor somatic cell. It is readily available, easy preparation and has similar pluripotent features as the embryonic stem cells (ESCs, ESCs). The differentiation and development of iPSCs is able to yield an infinite tailor-made graft for host usage in regenerative medicine. However, the immunogenicity, functionality and safety of iPSCs source tissue or organ are still being questioned. These doubts not only limit its clinical application, and even wavered the feasibility of iPSCs focused research direction.

OTI collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a comprehensive evaluation of the iPSCs undergoing normal development within the body and the formation of the graft immunogenicity, functionality and safety. Research results are published in Cell Discovery, a new journal from Nature Publication Group_(NPG).

(7th July 2015)