World Top Experts on Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering attended our Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Forum

On March 29, the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Forum was held in Seng Tee Building of the Medical College. The Forum was hosted by the Medical College of Xiamen University and organized by the Eye Institute of Xiamen University. Professor Ma Xiaolong from the University of Michigan, Professor Xie Ting from the Medical Center of University of Kansas and Professor Shi Songtao from University of Pennsylvania brought wonderful academic insights for the teachers and students in Xiamen University. The Forum was chaired by Professor Liu Zuguo, the dean of medical college.
Professor Ma Xiaolong gave a themed lecture entitled Engineering 3D microenvironment on the nano- and micro-scales for stem cells and regeneration, explained the application of polymer material in tissue engineering in details for the audiences. In the lecture titled Regulation of adult stem cell Development by two niches, Professor Xie Ting explained the regulatory mechanisms of stem cell microenvironment on the development and differentiation of adult stem cell for the audiences by simple but profound way. Professor Shi Songtao gave a lecture titled Translational Research of Mesenchymal Stem Cell and introduced clinical translational research in oral stem cells for the audiences.
After the lectures, the three professors interacted and discussed with the teachers and students, and answered the relevant questions raised patiently. Finally, they encouraged young students to cultivate innovative and critical thinking, and explore the unknown areas in scientific research.
In recent years, stem cells and regenerative medicine have become the rapidly developed new medical and life sciences fields with great clinical application value and have become an important direction for basic & clinical research in China. After the scientific and technical system reform initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, stem cells and regenerative medicine research direction have been listed in the first and second stages of major research program this year. Medical School of Xiamen University has also undertaken a number of major national projects in stem cells and regenerative medicine and has made a number of innovative achievements in the corneal tissue engineering, corneal epithelial stem cells and embryonic stem cell researches.The forum not only provides the experts and scholars in the field a good platform for academic exchanges, but also creates an opportunity for the teachers and students of Xiamen University to close communicate with the top international scholars and offers new ideas and direction for stem cells and regenerative medicine research of Medical School.

(Guo Yuli   Eye Institute of Xiamen University)