Medical College held the CAST “ Popularising Science and Health Forum”

On April 13, Science and Health Popularization Forum on the topic of prevention and treatment of ocular fundus disease was grandly held in Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Association Building. The Forum was hosted by Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and the Forum Organizing Committee of Chinese Ocular Fundus Diseases, and co-organized by Medical School of Xiamen University, Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Association. Academician Chen Guoqiang, vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University; academician Wang Enduo of Chinese Academy of Sciences; professor Qi Rang, deputy director of CPPCC Population, Resources and Environment Committee; professor Liu Zuguo, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Xiamen University and the dean of Medical School; Ms. Xu Aicong, secretary of Party Committee of Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Association; professor Li Xiaoxin, director of ophthalmology department of Peking University International Hospital; professor Xu Xun, vice president of Shanghai General Hospital; professor Wu Guoji, director of Ocular Fundus Diseases Department of Xiamen Eye Center and other famous domestic and overseas medical specialists brought wonderful science knowledge lectures for people in Xiamen .
During the Forum, Professor Qi Rang and academician Chen Guoqiang explained the urgency of medical knowledge popularization and the necessity of promoting the citizens’ health awareness. Professor Liu Zuguo gave a lecture entitled Dry Eye, and described the symptoms of dry eye in details to the audience, and explained diagnosis and prevention of dry eye in a simple but profound way. Professor Xu Xun introduced the relevant knowledge of diabetic retinopathy to the audience. Professor Wu Guoji introduced the symptoms, causes and treatment of eye floaters in the Floaters lecture. Professor Li Xiaoxin showed the procedure and prognosis for macular degeneration surgery for the audience with vivid video. Academicians Wang Enduo believed that the Forum of Science and Health Popularization will help improve Chinese citizen quality for science and health. Ms. Xu Aicong gave a high evaluation in terms of the impressiveness degree of forum, the popularity of scientific knowledge etc.
The Forum enriched ophthalmology knowledge for the citizen, popularizes the scientific & health knowledge in different fields, delivered health and technology skills, and improved the scientific & health awareness of the citizens.

(Guo Yuli & Li Pengcheng    Medical School)