Xiamen University Student' Dormitory Electricity Management Rules

In order to strengthen the students' dormitory electricity management, to ensure the safety of students' dormitory, economical, and maintain the good order of electricity, create a safe, civilized, warm environment, according to The electric power law of the People's Republic of China and Electric Power Supply And Utilization Rules, combining the reality of our university, the management measures are formulated as follows.

1. Resident shall abide by the electric safety rules; follow the principle of safety and economy. It is prohibited in dormitory to make personal network wire and lamp holder, it is prohibited to connect corridor lamp power supply and other stealing behaviors.

2. To prevent fire accidents, it is strictly prohibited to use the following appliances in the dormitory: a. the electrical bar or electrical kettle; b. Electric furnace; c. Electric frying pans and electric heat pan; d. other heating devices easy to get fire and electric shock accidents.

Use other appliances with 500 watts (including more than 500watts) shall apply to the property management department for special reason, only after permission, it can be used in the dormitory.

3. For Dormitory electrical appliances, under power-up state, must maintain necessary safety distance with the combustible things, and the owner should be present; after using Appliances, you should turn off the power supply in time. When you leave the dormitory, should check them carefully and cut off the power supply, to ensure the safety of electricity.

4. Students’ dormitory, instructors and students and other public buildings, monthly free electricity is 20 degrees. Students do not have free electricity during winter vacation.

5. Student dormitory use one electricity meter for each room, meter is counted on a regular basis, monthly settlement, over usage should be paid by resident in dorm. Students should consciously pay cost on time; otherwise there will be suspension of power supply according to the relevant provisions.

6. Students should be responsible for the dormitory electricity facilities. In the room, if there is manual damage to them, the direct responsible person should pay for it according to price compensation, if the direct responsible cannot be confirmed, all roommates should share the payment.

7. Dormitory electricity problems should be reported timely to get repair service, property management department will send someone to repair, the student shall not overhaul by you. 

8. Except for the dorm of graduate students, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign students, other students’ dormitory must light out. Students should take rest according to the school regulations, no noise at night.

9. Penalty:

   In violation of the provisions of the first and the second, students should make a review in writing, and according to the relevant provisions, given the public criticism or other disciplinary action.

In violation of the provisions of safety which leads to accidents such as fire, depending on the seriousness, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, until it shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

10. The school (department) should educate their students about dormitory electricity safety. Property management department has management responsibility to the electricity safety in students' dormitory. Actions must be taken to those violate the rules and regulations causing serious accident. Property administrator should often check safety use of electricity, if found any illegal electricity use, should stop it immediately, for serious violation of electricity, correct timely and report to students’ college and electricity management departments. For those property administrators with loose management, school shall take economic penalties, and even fired them.

11. The water and electricity management department is responsible for the explanation of this management regulation. And it is come into official enforcement as since September 1, 2002. If previous provisions are inconsistent with these measures, these measures shall prevail.