Overseas Students Took Part in Qingming Tomb-sweeping Activities


Overseas Students took part in Qingming Tomb-sweeping Activities

As Qingming festival draws near, MBBS students are organized to Siming campus to join Qingming sweeping activity on April 4th.

Deputy Secretary of Medical College Ma Long, part-time instructor Ge Dandan and 30 student representatives came to Siming campus and swept and worshiped the bronze statue of Chen Jiageng, the founding father of Ximen University. All teachers and students bowed three times to Mr. Chen statue, expressing their deep grief and respect. In front of the statue they made the oath of “health system, life entrusted ”.

Sweeping activities not only deepen the students’ understanding of Chinese traditional culture, but also arouse their feelings to love this beautiful university.

(Medical College Xieting Yu ,Wu Jia Jin)