Group Sandplay for Overseas Students of Medical College


Group Sandplay for Overseas Students of Medical College

On December 10th, Medical College held the sand activities for the overseas students in Chengyi Building in order to promote their physical and psychological health.

This activity is characterized with local customs of overseas students with three procedures. First of all, the coordinator Qiu Chaochao introduced the rules of sandplay to the students. And then, Mr. Qiu guided students to experience the sandplay and finally produced a piece of sandwork. At the last sharing process, overseas students named the sandwork and shared their feelings with each other. As this activity came to close, Pratibha from 2013 batch told us what he felt: “The sandplay is really interesting, everyone has rich imagination and everyone can echo each other. It helps us to understand better the people around us as well as ourselves. I hope that we can have more chances to experience the sandplay in the future.”

It is known that “overseas students growth team” program of Medical College is still carrying on. Till now, there are over 100 overseas students in Medical College participating in sandplay activities. Medical College will continue to carry out activities like psychology studies, quality development, team counseling, sandplay so as to improve the study and living qualities of overseas students and to promote the psychology health education in Medical College as well.

(Medical College, Qiu Chaochao)