China Exploration-International School by Medical College


China Exploration-International School by Medical College

In 2015, from May to June, Medical College held the event International School under the umbrella of “China Exploration 2015—Sports & Culture Competition for Overseas Students in China” activities. This event is sponsored by the Student Working Group and undertaken by the Student Union and Youth League of Medical College.

International School targets at all students in Medical College with traditional culture training classes, namely, Indian dances, yoga, handwriting and taichi. In each class, two students work as teachers and they teach two hours a week. 264 students are attracted in this activity, among them 168 students are overseas students and 96 Chinese. This activity lasts for more than a month from the middle of May to the middle of June. During this period, students from home and abroad bring their strong suits into full play while at the same time they learn from each other and deepen their friendship.

It is reported that in the following month, Medical College will hold the event “Travel in Xiamen” under the umbrella of “China Exploration” so as to improve the education quality of overseas students.

(Medical College, Xie Tingyu, Yang Shiyun)