Opening of Medical College China Exploration Activities

医学院“留动中国”系列活动开幕式暨Super Task比赛顺利举行

Opening of Medical College China Exploration Activities

On 16th, May, the opening ceremony of China Exploration and Super Task activity was held by Medical College on the athletic field in Xiang’an Campus. Vice Dean Qi Zhongquan, deputy party secretary Ma Long and more than 100 students attended the ceremony. 

Vice Dean Qi Zhongquan first made a speech. He pointed out the “China Exploration” is the cultural brand activity for overseas students in China, and he called on all students to participate in activities and wished the remaining events a success. The student representative Akhi expressed their love for China and encouraged students to study hard. Finally, Deputy party secretary Ma Long and Dr. David officially announced the start of a series of activities in 2015. 

The event, China Exploration–Sports & Culture Competition for Overseas Students, is composed of four main activities, namely, the opening ceremony, super task, international school and travel-in-Xiamen. It is reported that in the following month, Medical College is going to set up classes of handwriting, taichi, yoga and Indian dances for overseas students. Other programs include tour-guiding students around the renowned hospitals in Xiamen as well as the three campuses of Xiamen University.

(Medical College, Xie Tingyu, Wang Yiyun)