Introduction of MBBS Center


The MBBS program stands for the program of “Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery”. The MBBS Center was officially founded in January 2014 and under the affiliation of Medical College of Xiamen University. It is now one of a few dedicated centers for the MBBS education of doctors in China. This is an interdisciplinary group who focuses on the needs of today’s MBBS students and the requirements of tomorrow’s doctors in the changing healthcare environment. The goal of the center, as a miniature of the Medical College, is to support our MBBS students and to produce “Xiada” Doctors: a highly competent and scientifically literate clinician, equipped to practice patient-centered medicine in a constantly changing modern world, with a foundation in the basic medical and social sciences. 

2.Our vision

Medical College of Xiamen University will train doctors who will aspire to the highest standards of clinical practice and patient care, who achieve professional excellence, have good relationships with patients and colleagues, and observe their profession’s ethical obligations. This vision is underpinned by the values of scholarship, rigor and professionalism. The focus is on the development of the student as a scientifically informed, socially responsible professional who, in turn, can serve the health needs of individuals and communities.

3.College Leaders

Prof. Liu Zuguo (Dean)    Prof. Qi Zhongquan (Vice Dean)  

Prof. Zhang Ye (Vice Dean) Prof. Wang Yanhui (Vice Dean)  

Prof. Hu Tianhui (Vice Dean)      Shao Pengfei (Chairman) 

Yang Jianzhong (Vice Chairman)   

Ma Long (Vice Chairman)

4.The Faculty in MBBS Center

Prof. Qi, Zhongquan (Director) 2188617, 

Dr. Li, Qing (Deputy Director)

Mao, Yating (Teaching Secretary)

Academic affair, class schedule, exam, result;

Cheng, Fen (Student Coordinator) 

Registration, fee, visa, insurance, activities;

Xue, Wenjuan (Secretary) 

5.Teaching Faculty

Our MBBS students are taught by academic faculty members from Medical College and clinical doctors from our prestigious affiliated teaching hospitals in and outside of Xiamen. We have extensive collaboration with Zhongshan Hospital and 1st Hospital in Xiamen, and so on. In addition, we have also invited qualified doctors with cumulative expertise of medical training and practice to deliver high-quality lectures to MBBS students; they are Dr. Gyanendra Swar, Dr. Bipin Dhakal, Dr. Mohd Shahidur Rahman, and Dr. Keshav Raj Sigdel

6. Office: 

Administration Office: Cheng Yi Building 531  

Office Telephone:0592-2181505

Office email:

Foreign Teacher Office: Aili Building (Nursing building) 101