Profile of Cancer Research Center of Xiamen University

Cancer Research Center (CRC) of Xiamen University was founded in April 1984, is jointly organized by the Fujian provincial government and Xiamen University. In 2004, CRC joined in Medical College of Xiamen University. The currently director of this institute is Professor Liu Zuguo, and the director of the academic committee is Professor Hu Tianhui.

The research team of CRC comprises tenured professors, visiting professors, laboratory specialists, post-doctoral researchers, and post-graduate students. Among them, there are 1 Chang Jiang Scholar, 1 talent of Trans-Century Training Program by the State Education Commission, 1 talent of Trans-Century Training Program by the Fujian provincial government. CRC houses 8 research groups and 4 scientific research and service platforms.

The main research area of CRC focus on the applied basic research of molecular oncology in digestive tract tumor, including molecular mechanism of tumor occurrence and development, molecular diagnosis and treatment of new technologies. Great efforts are exerted to new methods and carry out a high level of scientific research and high-level personnel training, in order to make a positive contribution to the development of the oncology.

In the last five years, the research team of CRC has been well funded by national and local governments, such as the National Key Basic Research Development Program , the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology project, and so on. We have been granted more than 50 research grants and the total amount of research funds is more than 20 million RMB. More than 80 research papers have been published in international journals, such as Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Cancer Res, Am J Cancer Res., J Cell Mol Med, and Oncogene. Meanwhile, 10 national patents were filed based on the study results.

In the future, CRC will make full use of the platform resources and a comprehensive university disciplinary advantage, continue to focus on the digestive tract tumor. Our goal is to promote the combination of basic research and clinical research, and strive to achieve a major breakthrough in the molecular mechanism of tumorigenesis, early diagnosis, individual treatment and tumor prognosis aspects. Based on our work, we hope to accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements. 

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Address: Cancer Research Center of Xiamen University,Xiamen University Xiang’an Campus, Xiang’an South Road, Xiamen 361102, Fujian Province, China