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A New Integrated Department of Digestive Diseases Established in School of Medicine of Xiamen University to Promote the Development of “New Medicine”

On July 10th, the inauguration ceremony for the new integrated Department of Digestive Diseases, School of Medicine, Xiamen University and summit forum of Gastroenterology of “New Medicine” of Xiamen University were successfully held in the affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, which marked the new progress of school’s comprehensive reform in medical field, and the substantial advance on the reform of integrating medicine-related departments. The event indicated that the interdisciplinary integration a

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  • Lecturer:Peter C.K.Leung
  • Time:2017-08-08 15:30:00
  • Venue:215 Conference Room of Chengyi building
  • Lecturer:Prof. Weifen Zhuang
  • Time:2017-06-30 10:10:00
  • Venue:105#Meeting Room, Chengyi Building