International Students of School of Medicine, Xiamen University:We have graduated! Farewell to our second hometown—Xiamen.

It was drizzling on the morning of the 5th of August, the Bullet train D2383 from Xiamen to Guangzhou South was about to leave, SARJANA and YOGITA, 2 Indian girls took the last photo with their teacher Ms. Cheng who came specially to bid farewell to the students who have studied in Xiamen for 6 years, just like how they were picked up 6 years ago at the airport. After 6 years of living and studying medicine in China, they are all about to embark on the new journey towards their dream.

According to the statistics, a total of 67 foreign students majoring in Clinical Medicine (MBBS, taught in English) have graduated in Class 2020 of School of Medicine, Xiamen University. Most of the students are from India and Bangladesh, Because of the influence of the pandemic outbreak, many students were not able to attend the graduation ceremony, only 22 students on behalf of the entire class participated in two graduation ceremonies organized by the school and the university. Each graduate also received beautiful souvenirs from school. Students posted photos and moments to express their gratitude to their teachers, hospitals, medical school and Alma Mater.

Sakshi Tiwari, as one of valedictorians, said at the graduation ceremony, “My luckiest choice six years ago was to study in China. Now I have passed the medical qualification examination, and Xiamen University has made my dream of seeking medical treatment come true.” The day before she left Xiamen, with tears in her eyes, she walked around the campus to see the classroom B305, the laboratory, library, dormitory, canteen...Finally, she went to the office to say goodbye to the teachers.

As SARJANA said in her WeChat moment, the 2020 graduation season was extraordinarily unforgettable, but surprisingly warm and loving. Two days before departure, living in Haicang alone, she fell down from the stairs when taking luggage down, she cried and blamed herself for the carelessness worrying about the 40 kg luggage as well. Then teachers and students in time stretched out a helping hand, Teacher Zubair drove her to the hospital to get it confirm that there was no fracture. Then Teacher Cheng Fen picked up Sarjana and her luggage to her own house in Jimei in order to send her to the railway station in the early morning next day to meet other students from Xiang 'an campus sent by school bus. 

On the way, students helped each other, took a break after arriving in Guangzhou, and returned home on the chartered plane arranged by the embassy the next day. Before the plane took off, the students took photos with their student CARDS looking forward to the day when they would see each other again in XMU. 

According to the students' feedback, they have arrived in the city safely and ended the 14-day quarantine observation according to the local epidemic management measures, and finally reunited with their families.

Professor Li Wei, Vice Dean of School of Medicine, said to the graduates in the MBBS alumni group “We wish you all safe and healthy, and contribute to the international medical education exchange and the medical and health cause.” Wang Kunzhong, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, also showed deep concern for the safety of each student. He said, “I am glad to know that you all have reached home safely. A bosom friend afar brings distance near. Welcome back to Alma mater on another day.” 

Up to now, there are still over 270 MBBS students from India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, Philippine, Mongolia, Zambia, Rwanda, Canada, etc... During the epidemic, the college successfully completed the online teaching and examination work in accordance with relevant teaching plans and adjustments.

(Cheng Fen/Zubair)