A New Integrated Department of Digestive Diseases Established in School of Medicine of Xiamen University to Promote the Development of “New Medicine”

On July 10th, the inauguration ceremony for the new integrated Department of Digestive Diseases, School of Medicine, Xiamen University and summit forum of Gastroenterology of “New Medicine” of Xiamen University were successfully held in the affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, which marked the new progress of school’s comprehensive reform in medical field, and the substantial advance on the reform of integrating medicine-related departments. The event indicated that the interdisciplinary integration and collaboration of clinical medicine related disciplines in the School of Medicine is stepping into a new era.

At the inauguration ceremony, the leaders and professors from different organizations have delivered speeches respectively including Prof. Yiqing Wang from Xiamen Municipal Health Commission, Prof. Jingyuan Fang from Chinese Society of Gastroenterology, Prof. Zhendong Jin from Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopy, Prof. Dawang Zhou, vice president of Xiamen University, Prof. Jiahuai Han, dean of School of Medicine, Prof. Jianchun Cai from affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, all congratulating and high expectations on the establishment of the Department of Digestive Diseases. Mr. Jian’an Zhang, secretary of CPC Committee, School of Medicine officially announced the establishment of the new department. Prof. Jianjun Niu, secretary of CPC Committee, other leaders and medical staff from affiliated Zhongshan Hospital have participated the event.

Prof. Dawang Zhou, vice president of Xiamen University disclosed in his speech that the university attached great importance to the development of medical science and considered it a new growth point of discipline development. The university will continuously increase investment in the School of Medicine and affiliated hospitals to support the development of clinical medicine. The establishment of the new department effectively integrates the resources of the university and the affiliated hospitals, which is conductive to the construction of “Double First-Class” discipline and the influence of the discipline of Gastroenterology. Prof. Zhou claimed that launch of the new department is a milestone of “New Medicine” strategy of Xiamen University.

Prof. Jiahuai Han has expressed in his speech that affiliated hospitals are extremely important members of XMU family. In 2019, with new historical starting point, School of Medicine has passed Professional Certification of Clinical Medicine by Ministry of Education and has been approved First-Discipline Doctoral Program and Postdoctoral Research Station for Clinical Medicine. The aim of setting up clinical faculties and departments is to promote integration between the university and affiliated hospitals so as to achieve the characteristics and advantages of Xiamen University. Prof. Han expressed his hope that the new integrated department should undertake the mission to get off on the right foot for the construction of clinical departments with practicability, persistence and creativity.

Prof. Jianlin Ren, the first appointed director of the Department of Digestives Diseases, Deputy of affiliated Zhongshan Hospital has explained in his speech about the construction foundation, characteristic advantage and development plan of this department. He signified that the new department would spare no effort in promoting closer and deeper integration between medical education and discipline construction, between basic medicine and clinical medicine as well as building stronger mutual support between medicine and life sciences according to the “Double First-Class” Standard.

After the ceremony, the Summit Forum of Gastroenterology in “New Medicine” and Round-Table Conference on Construction of Faculty of Gastroenterology were held to explore the cross-integration of the new department under the background of new medical science and strive for a first-class development path.  

The experts and scholars from different colleges and affiliated hospitals of Xiamen University as well as other departments have jointly witnessed the establishment of the new department and claimed to work together to strengthen deep cooperation, active involvement, and mutual complementarity for Healthy China Initiative.

Translator/ Cheng Fen, Proofreader/ Zhou Yueping. 

Original author: School of Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital/ Shi Qingqing, Zhou Jingping, Wang Chen.