Eye Institute Team Participated in the Academic Conference of the Highest Level in the World

Recently, the annual conference of Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) was held in Seattle, Washington, USA. A 6-person team of medical school eye institute   took part in the conference under the guidance of Professor Liu Zuguo.

ARVO annual conference is a major international conference and the most authoritative one in ophthalmic research field. The conference of this year attracted more than 11,000 participants from 75 countries. Teachers and students of eye institute showed the latest research results in this year's conference, and aroused wide concern in the participants. Among them, Dr Liu Zhen’s research report on aged macular degeneration (AMD) was rated as Hot topic, and only 2% of the conference manuscript would get this honor.

In 2016, conference of COS – ARVO was held ceremoniously in Seattle at the same time. Many Chinese ophthalmologists discussed with international fellows on the latest progress in the ophthalmic research. Professor Liu Zuguo was invited to present a special report on ocular surface epithelial squamous metaplasia”.

During the conference, a roundtable conference of experts on dry eye was also held. Members were well-known dry eye experts from China, America, Germany, Japan and other countries, delving into the hot issues in domestic dry eye field. As a special guest, Professor Liu Zuguo presented a special speech on diagnosis and treatment standards of dry eye in China, and had a thorough discussion with international experts on the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.

During the ARVO conference, the ophthalmic research teams from Xiamen University, Harvard University and Osaka University also held the 4th three-university joint meeting of ophthalmology in Seattle. Professor Li Wei, Associate Professor Li Cheng, Student Li Juan respectively made brilliant academic reports. Three teams also had in-depth discussion of future cooperation.

Eye Institute has always attached great importance to international exchanges, organized teachers and students to take part in the high-level international academic conferences, to broaden the international view through academic exchanges, and also to further improve its international influence.